Иллюстрация и фотография в упаковке

Упаковка салатов Kimchi Plate

Kimchi Plate is a cafe of traditional Korean cuisine in Tashkent, and it was decided to develop production and distribution of Korean salads made by traditional recipes as a new business. Packaging design has to reflect the idea of naturalness and authenticity of the original Korean salads on store shelves.

Idea: The love for Korean salads is widespread in Uzbekistan, but the product is being sold without any identical packaging, despite the fact that it is authentic. Inspired by the traditional motifs of Korean national painting, we applied the vision to packaging design.

Solution: The techniques of traditional painting and the images of items that are used as ingredients have become a framework of the packaging design. The surrealism of the plot helps to excel among others on shelves. Packages of KIMCHI Plate salads easily convey oriental flavor, and the mission of the ingredients is to revise the market's thoughts of classic plots that characterize them as an integral part of Korean traditions.

MA'NO Branding
Город: Tashkent
Клиент: Kimchi Plate
Темур Саъдий, Дизайн-директор
Зокир Халматов, Арт-директор
Анастасия Татарченко, Дизайнер и иллюстратор
Мансур Набиев, Дизайнер
Тумарис Кутлумарова, Иллюстратор
Эвелина Усманова, Моушн Дизайнер
Руслан Марданов, Фотограф