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Brand the Blocks

By 2019 major cities had designed their own visual and brand-attributes. During design process sleeping quarters’ identification was totally ignored. "Up to bottom" approach with none of residents involving. As a result, people have a brand, which they can’t use and sleeping quarters remains asleep.

We choose one of the most “nothing-happens-here” area of St.Petersburg to create “bottom to up” brand which wakes up a quarter and that can’t be ignored by a city.

— People engagement through online-platform
— Area-study
— Walk-alone researches
— City-legends collections
— Area-places ratings&voiting initiatives
CTR 20%

Brand design
Useful, cheap and easy to product brand materials
Brand-materials for tactical urbanism to empower the area
Pirate brand-integration
Brand-Platform launch
Habitants initiatives promotion and support
All design-materials are licence-free for personal and commercial use
“How-to change the quarter” seminars

500 K+ impressions
500+ people engagement
10+ appearance in online and print media
3 tv-sessions
Sobaka.ru urban award

Сайт: https://veterki.org/brand

Город: Санкт-Петербург
Клиент: МО Ульянка
Artem Aseev, Art-dir
Ivan Lukianov, Designer
Alex Zaozersky, Designer
Vlad Shikin, Illustrator
Dinar Ibragimov, Project Manager
Anastasiya Holmskaya, Designer
Margarita Krupoderya, PR-manager